Black Mamba Security Products are a manufacturer and international distributor/exporter of Cherry Bomb Pepper Balls and Less-Lethal Ammo including Rubber Balls and Glass Breakers. Our Cherry Bomb Pepper Balls are used worldwide for riot control by security companies, military and police.

We specialize in the manufacture of .68 cal rounds that are used by crowd control drones and paintball markers around the globe. Our products are of the highest quality and manufactured to international specifications. In South Africa and abroad, our less lethal ammo are used extensively by private security companies. riot police, and the military to control riots, protests and strikes. Our products are available to the public for home protection and self-defence in South Africa.

At BMSP we are constantly working on developing new products and bands in the security industry. Our research and development team are busy on a few new products that will be launched over 2019 and once these new lines are in the market place we will continue looking for new innovative products to develop.

Our mission is to provide the security industry in South Africa and abroad with extremely high quality products at affordable prices.