Tippmann Magfed TCR Paintball Marker – FSR COMPATIBLE


The Tippmann Magfed TCR Paintball Marker is ideal for self defense, security and recreation. It features a collapsible stock with additional mag carrier. It offers an 11″ barrel and is both dual feed and First Strike round compatible.


  • Dual Feed Capable
  • CO2 Cartridges or HPA Compatible with Remote Line Adapter
  • Flip Top Sights
  • Folding Front Vertical Handle
  • Collapsible Stock with Additional Mag Carrier
  • Hideaway Remote adapter
  • 11″ Barrel
  • First Strike Round Compatible


Marker Type: Mechanical
Caliber: 0,68
Operation: Mechanical
Propellant: CO2 & HPA
Barrel: 27,9 cm A-5 Thread
Feed System: Magfed
Weight: 1.93kg
Total Length: 609.6mm
Balls per Second: 1-10