Valken BlackHawk MFG Paintball Marker (Combo)


The Valken BlackHawk MFG Paintball Marker is ideal for tactical self defense and security situations. It is magazine fed and accommodates both FSR’s and regular .68 cal rounds. It has an Integrated rail that can accept a range of accessories which in turn makes this weapon an accurate, reliable and highly customisable design. This combo deal includes 2 tubes of Cherrybomb inert training rounds, 2 tubes of Cherrybomb mil-spec (PAVA) rounds and 1 jar of Cherrybomb rubber rounds.


  • Magfed marker accommodates both FSR’s and regular .68 cal rounds
  • No external hose
  • Picattinny rail
  • Includes 13 cu HPA Air System – Tank as stock
  • Semi-Automatic Action
  • Full Metal Receiver vs body
  • Gun bag included


Marker Type: Mechanical
Caliber: 0,68
Operation: Inline Gas Blow Back
Propellant: CO2 & HPA (please confirm in your order(notes) which propellant you wish to run the marker on and we will fit the appropriate valve before shipping it to you free of charge)
Barrel: 8″ with A-5 Thread
Feed System: Magazine fed (First strike compatible) – 15 round capacity
Weight: 1.36kg
Total Length: 490mm
Balls per Second: 9