Valken BlackHawk Tactical Paintball Marker (Combo)


The Valken BlackHawk Tactical Paintball Marker Combo is ideal for tactical self defense and security situations. It features integrated rails that can accept a range of accessories as well as removable feed port making it easy to clean. It offers an accurate, reliable and customisable design. It comes with a 9oz  pin valve CO2 tank, built in on/off CO2 valve lever, 200 ball gravity feed hopper, adjustable stock and 1 tube of Cherrybomb inert training rounds, 2 tubes of Cherrybomb pepper balls and 1 jar of Cherrybomb Glass Breaker rounds.


  • Accurate, reliable and customisable
  • Removable feed port
  • Built in on/off CO2 valve lever
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No external hose
  • Integrated rails that can accept a range of accessories
  • Adjustable stock
  • 9oz pin valve CO2 tank
  • 200 ball gravity feed hopper


Marker Type: Mechanical
Caliber: 0,68
Operation: Inline Gas Blow Back
Propellant: CO2 & HPA
Barrel: 8″ with A-5 Thread
Feed System: Hopper, Gravity Fed
Weight: 1.72kg
Total Length: 640mm
Balls per Second: 9